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Tarantulas online

Please visit our website:



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Rodent Rescue and Rehome

We have many animals looking for good loving homes
At present there are 11 guinea pigs up for rehoming
4 females and 7 males
Their ages range between 8 weeks to 4 years
They should be rehomed in groups or pairs
For more information and photos check out our website
Alternatively you can sponsor our animals if you do not feel you can look after an animal

West London Area

Please contact direct by calling Tel:020 8840 9039

Or send an e-mail to:


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I am a Tortoise Trust registered re-homer
And can offer permanent, caring and loving homes
For land tortoises of all species / ages
No tortoise is accepted for sale or trade for financial gain
Written (Tortoise Trust approved) transfer agreement
No charges, free advice
I have access to excellent veterinary care
Tortoises are either rehomed with me
Or to homes which I have personally visited and approved
Or who are currently Tortoise Trust registered rehomers
Care and follow up visits
If you have a tortoise needing a new home
For whatever reason, please contact me. No obligations

Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, London - and further afield

I am based in Brighton

Please contact Jane Nicoll direct on Tel:   01273 263396 (work)
or 01273 773744 (home)

Or send and e-mail to:

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Tortoises always wanted by RSPCA registered Carer
Heated, committed accommodation with other tortoises of the same species
Best possible Diet with all the supplements, medical care where necessary
Information sheets of how to care for and register your tortoise
(this is a legal requirement if you wish to sell or breed from your tortoise)
For examples of accommodation and some care sheets
Plus links to tortoise trust and the British chelonia group

Visit our website:

Cheshire Area

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 07973 680517

Or send an e-mail to:

Polecat /Ferrets

Free Ad - A0890

Rescued Ferrets require new homes

I have 4 sandygold male ferrets
That are now ready to be re-homed
They are a year old
And very tame
And need to go to a good home
Can split into pairs
New owners must be able to collect
As I do not deliver
Any old hutches
Or any type of ferret items
You no longer need would be helpful
As I could then rescue more homeless ferrets and polecats

Ayrshire, Scotland Area

Only small donation to help keep other rescued ferrets

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 01292 551338

Or send an e-mail to:


Free Ad

Rescued Rabbits in need of good loving homes

I have many rescued Rabbits looking for kind loving homes, I currently have 5 dwarf lops and 4 Lionheads. Aged from four and half months upto one year old, and various colours. A reasonable donation towards upkeep is all I ask. I have been rescuing and rehoming rabbits and guinea pigs for four years now totally self funding, my premises have been inspected and approved by the R.S.P.C.A this was done at my own request. If you can offer a forever home to one of the bunnies please don't hesitate to contact me. I have family in Northampton so I can sometimes arrange to transport a rabbit if need be depending on where you live.


Donation appreciated

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 01752 823182

Or send an email to:

Free Ad - A1007

Sanctuary in Bath Somerset

I have ten adult rabbits
Of different colours and types all looking for good homes
One longetermer must go to somewhere where there are no cats
Another does not like women and must go to a male owner
Plus we have eight newborn rabbits also seeking placements in a few months time
I have just rescued a large number of Degu and have new babies ready to leave Mum
And some large adult Degu
They must not be bred again
They will be rehomed in pairs only
We provide care information and always do a pre home and after rehoming inspection.
We have currently run out of guineapigs and now have a waiting list
We are always desperate for donations of runs and cages and hutches
Please contact the Sanctuary for details of animals, or to make a donation
or to ask us to do a rescue for you
We take all things furry
And are currently seeking a chicken house and run

£ by donation

Somerset Area

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 01225 405169

Free Ad -

Hounslow Animal Welfare Society

Rabbits and other pets needing loving homes


All Rehomed

Small Pets for Sale


All Rehomed


All Rehomed


All rehomes

Guinea Pig

Free Ad - A0928

South Tyneside Guinea Pig Rescue

Beautiful guinea pigs of all ages
From tiny babies to adults
All in need of caring, permanent homes
Neutered males usually available
All piggies health checked and gender guaranteed
Advice given on care
Please note, we are not breeders.

Tyne and Wear Area

Adoption fee required

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 0191 4550135


Free Ad

I can provide a caring home for any unwanted non - venomous snakes

I'm not a registered charity, just a snake addict who can't bear the thought of Snakes going to a bad home. Any snakes I take in will be here for life and will live in my house alongside my current snakes. I am also prepared to foster for the short term if owners are in hospital etc.

I'm in York so I can cover most of Yorkshire at least.

Please contact Pauline direct by calling Tel: 01904 708804




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